Social Distance Race Series

As long as you can't participate in any competitions, 2PEAK offers you the possibility to compete virtually with other athletes- independent of location and while maintaining the appropriate distance between yourself and other competitors. Your previously planned competitions have been postponed or canceled for the time being. As a replacement you can now choose a race from our "Social Distance Race Series" list. The race date set by us can be moved forward or backward by 10 days. This ensures that you can integrate the race into your everyday life. We also ask you to follow the regulations set by authorities regarding "Social Distance". After entering the virtual competition, the plan will automatically adjust your training to the new "virtual" competition. To take part in one of the Social Distance competitions, all you have to do is complete the chosen distance on a route of your choice (meters in altitude are automatically compensated). Based on the GPS files uploaded by the participants, a ranking will be created so that you can compete with other participants - among others with ex-Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle. The uploaded file can of course also come from a treadmill/trainer as long as the exchange to 2PEAK is guaranteed. The upload of the files will be closed 10 days after the defined competition date and the ranking list will be fixed accordingly.

As soon as regular competitions are possible again, 2PEAK will reactivate your future planned competitions (you can also do this manually at any time).

If the situation continues to drag on, we will add new Social Distance races so that you can continue to work on and test your fitness. Don't forget: With the physical form, "haste with time" is required - this means that over a long period of time, constant work is required. Pausing training completely for lack of real races would inevitably set you back, so that you would have to restart from a much lower level. So stay on the ball and make the best of the situation! Your 2PEAK Team

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