Maximum Power Test (MP)

The Maximum Power Test (MP) establishes your maximum performance over the times of 20 seconds, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 und 32 minutes (MP 0.3 until MP 32) and creates your personal performance graph. Perform the test rested - ideally after a recovery period.

When should I perform an MP-test? 2PEAK will schedule your tests in your training plan when appropriate. It will also define the right type of test depending on your goals. An MP test of over 4 minutes (8 min preferably) can be used to define and review your training zones. In general: short tests are used to review the anaerobic capacity (sprinting, criteriums) while longer tests are suited to review climbing and TT potential.

Performance Evolution
Duration min sec
Elevation m
Distance (without decimal separators) m
Equipment weight: Bicycle, Clothing and all other Items carried or worn kg
Naked Body weight (Clothing and carried items belong to equipment weight - not body weight) kg

The MP test is performed on climbs with an average gradient of 7% or more, for measuring power output mainly based on weight raising. You will need an exact altimeter, stop watch and a means of measuring the distance.
Choose a suitable climb to correspond closely to the times specified above. 2PEAK adjusts small differences mathematically. Before the test, mark prominent way points to use as start and finish points.
To define aerobic capacity. duration should be at least 4 minutes - if possible 8 minutes. You will need a climb of 230-460 feet (70-140 m) height difference according to the speed you climb, to perform a 4 min test.

Warm up: 20 minutes at the upper range of your basic endurance zone.
Test: after the warm up, cross the start point at a flying start. Ride at a constant pace as fast as you can maintain. To ensure you can maintain the rhythm throughout, hold back at the beginning! If the gradient is constant, you can use your speed reading to check the pace. Time your ride passing the finish point. Use a helper for timing, when sprinting faster splits.

Based on the height gained, your exact total system weight (everything you are wearing, pocket contents, and the complete bike with tools bottle, drinks, computer etc.)- the total time and the total distance, your power output can be determined fairly accurately. The accuracy increases with decreasing speed on steeper hills - as aerodynamic drag becomes less of a factor. Divide your system weight between Naked Body weight on one side and All the rest (Machine, clothing etc.) on the other. This enables a precise Power/Weight ratio calculation unfalsified by changes in clothing from season to season.

If you workout on a stationary bike with power meter, you can enter the MP values from here using average power and duration (at least 6 minutes) in a maximum effort test.