Test your Maximum Aerobic Speed (MAS)

With the MAS test you can establish and periodically adjust your training zones defined in heart rate, speed (and, if a STRYD power meter is available, the power in watts), to estimate your expected times for selected races.

Warm up carefully, for at least 20 minutes. Set your stopwatch and prepare to run 2000m. If you manage to run 2000m under 7:30, switch (next time) to 3000m. Ideally, you should run on a 400m track, but a flat road will also do as long as you can somehow measure and mark 2000 (or 3000) metres. Try to run evenly and start the first few laps at 90% of what you consider your maximum speed and only push to 100% on the last lap.

Caution: on the last lap you should run at a higher speed (or at the limit, the same) than on the previous laps. Note down your maximum heart rate at the end of the test or enter the maximum value stored by the heart rate monitor in the corresponding field.

The MAS test enables 2PEAK to determine the intensity of your intervals. We can also predict your times for longer races.
M.A.S. - Choose the distance and enter your test time, max. heart rate and average power during the test if available.
Enter the maximum pulse value during the test here:
Beats per minute
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