Test your Maximum Aerobic Speed (MAS)

With help of the MAS-Test (Maximum Aerobic Speed) you can establish and periodically adjust your training zones defined in heart rate speed and power if you use a STRYD pwoermeter for runners, as well as estimate your race times for appropriate distances.

Perform a thorough warmup for at least 20 minutes. Then time yourself over 2000m. This is best done on a 400m track, but can also be done on a flat road stretch provided you can accurately measure and mark 2000m (a bicycle computer could be used). If you can run 2000 meters under 7:30, next time run 3000m. Run the first 4 laps at a perceived 90% of maximum possible speed and increase to percieved 100% on the last lap. The last lap should be at least as fast as the first. Enter your maximum pulse (note it when finishing the test or save max recorded pulse from a monitor)as well and the average power if available in the fields below. The MAS test enables 2PEAK to determine the intensity of your intervals. We can also predict your times for longer races.

Performance Evolution
M.A.S. - Choose the distance and enter your test time, max. heart rate and average power during the test if available.
Enter your maximum heart rate at the end of the test here:
Beats per minute
Enter the average power during the test here: