Performance Tests

The aim of training is to improve performance. 2PEAK offers you the possibility to regularly check your fitness level under real conditions with simple but very effective performance tests. When the performance test icon appears on your calendar, we indicate the ideal time to perform a test in the displayed discipline. These tests should be done at regular intervals. The test will replace all the intervals scheduled for that day. It is then up to you to decide if you want to do one of our tests or your scheduled workout. 2PEAK algorithms are able to detect your current performance all the time, also without specific performance tests. However, through performance diagnostics, you can get even more detailed and customized data and statistics.

Performance test for cycling: performance is primarily an abstract concept and cannot be measured by speed alone. Wind conditions, track characteristics and aerodynamics (of the bike and rider) have a strong influence on the speed that the rider can reach with a certain power. Power must therefore be measured directly. For this purpose, mobile measuring devices, i.e. powermeters, are the most suitable. Alternative methods, which do not require expensive measuring equipment, are the maximum power/mountain performance test. Learn more about climbing MP tests for cycling to do when you do not have a measuring device such as a powermeter.

Performance test for running: In running, the concept of performance may seem even more abstract. However, 2PEAK has developed a methodology to determine performance based on running speed and then calculate training zones based on speed or pace. Unlike cycling, air resistance plays a very small role in running, so running speed is appropriate for determining performance. The MAS (Maximum Aerobic Speed) test is the most suitable method.

Performance test for swimming: triathletes usually compete over longer swim distances, so fatigue resistance during the swim is the critical variable. This “threshold performance” is called CSS (Critical Swim Speed) and is defined by a simple test that can also be used to measure progress. CSS is the pace at which you’d currently swim a 1500 Time Trial (in yards or metres).

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