Mental Strength Profile

Races are won in the mind too. Test your mental strength and discover where you can improve. Enter your answers in the following table.

Always the case - Often the case - Sometimes the case - Hardly ever the case - Never the case.

I talk to myself in training to motivate myself
I enjoy the challenge of a hard competition
I can visualise having a successful performance in competition.
I never consider giving up. The race ends at the finish in my mind.
I believe in myself and my talent as an athlete.
I always try to be as good as possible.
I use relaxing techniques before competition.
I can deal with crises during a race
Even in a long training or race, I remain concentrated throughout.
I have clear goals for my competitions.
My thoughts in a race are positive
When I train, I am clear about purpose and aim
I use certain key words and phrases to motivate myself in a race.
I can relax well before important competitions
I can imagine how to solve difficult situations in a race.
I look forward before a race to demonstrating my strengths.
I don't dwell on negative experiences.
I can control my mental conversations in a race.

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